Thank you for taking the time to view my web site. The site name, Whittle and Chips is a little misleading.  Not only do I wood carve, I also scroll saw, wood turn, do carpentry and make furniture.  The site was designed more as a show and tell.  It shows everything from my first wood carving to my most current projects.


I use only tradional hand and power tools to make each piece.  Laser engraving machines or computer controlled carvers are never used.  Those devices take away the handmade feel of the piece (not to mention the challenge).  I crafted and finished each item.


I had the opportunity to write four articles for Wood Caving Illustrated magazine:  How to carve Toy Block Ornaments (2010 Special Holiday Edition issue), How to carve a sleepy owl (Summer 2012 issue), Carving a Double Ball In Cage (Holiday 2013 Issue) and in the Fall 2016 issue: Carving a Train-in-station (AKA: Carving a locomotive steam engine in a cage).


I hope you enjoy viewing the site, learn something new and get inspired. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 


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