I used The NSK Presto II tool which is a


high speed engraving system powered


by an air compressor to create this


piece. This tool has a top speed of


320,000 rpm which gives me incredible


control to make precise cuts in my


projects.  This tool is perfect for


shallow relief carving, engraving,


gunstock carving, egg carving, glass


and metal engraving, piercing


(especially for woodturners), and so


much more.


For more information on purchasing


this tool I would highly recommend




They are a pleasure to


deal with, competitive prices and most


of all, a family owned business. Lets


support our neighbors.  

I purchased a goose egg from Treelineusa.com to


create the piece displayed below.  These eggs have


been cleaned and sanitized and measure 3-3.5" Tall


x 1.5-2" In diameter.  I woodturned the base from a


piece of mahogany wood and the glass dome was


also purchased from Treelineusa.com