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I came across this article in an issue of Wood Carving Illustrated.  To donate gently used magazines, books, and carving tools to this orphanage in Vokhma, Russia please contact Pat Heinle at



Upcoming Woodcarving Shows & Seminars

Conewago Carvers

Looking for that always hard to find


perfect gift for that special carver?


Consider this...Another knife, maybe a


Helvie, or some Pfeil gouges.  Good ideas


for sure.  Or, how about a weekend


carving seminar at the beautiful East


Berlin Area Community Center with the


Conewago Carvers?  These seminars


feature some of the best carving


instructors around.  There is virtually every


kind of carving instruction available.  Well


maybe not everyone, but there sure is a





What a great way to give someone special


that opportunity to take their passion for


wood chips to the next level! 



Conewago Carvers Website



Rick & Ellen Butz 2019 Woodcarving Class