Roger Beane's Snowman Ornaments

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The following tools and materials were used to carve the ornament

Safety glasses

Carving glove

3/8-inch (10mm) X 3-inch (76mm) X 24-inch (608mm) Basswood or wood of choice


A coping saw or a fret saw

A scroll saw

Transfer paper

Pounce wheel tool

Glue stick

Carving knife

Strop and compound

#3-8mm gouge

#3-16mm gouge

#5-8mm sweep gouge (used to add texture to scarf)

#11-1.5mm gouge (used to add hat and scarf fringle texture)

Wood burner unit with writing tip (used to sign my work)



The following tools and material were used to paint the ornament

Boiled Linseed Oil (used to seal the wood)

Burnt sienna

Coffee can or plastic take out container

plastic bathroom drinking cups or plastic egg container (used to thin paints down)

Eye dropper

Scrap of basswood for tesing colors out before painting ornament

Acrylic paints of choice

Tomato spice or cadmium red light for rosy cheeks

Flame shaped tip paint brushes 3/8-inch (10mm) chisel or angle brush

10/0 liner brush

Dowel (used to paint the eyes and nose)

Tooth picks

Howards wax

soft cloth

shoe polish brush (to buff the wax)