David N. Stehly

David is a self-taught wood carver who has been working exclusively with walking sticks and canes for over 30 years!


I first learned about David when I received my Summer 2008 (Issue 43) Wood Carving Illustrated Magazine.  They did a great How to article on his work.  I couldn't believe the amount of detail that he put into every piece.  In 2009, while attending a wood carving show in Wayne, NJ I had the opportunity to meet David and his wife and see his work up close.


To view more of David's work, learn how to create your own walking stick or find a carving show where he will be displaying and selling his work, view his website at: www.artsticks.com



A page from David's 6 Page article in Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine

Issue 43 - Summer 2008

Fox Chapel Publishing




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You Tube Video

I came across this video made by Benjamin Musser about his Great Uncle David Stehly.