Dave & Michele Stetson

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Dave Stetson, co-creator and founding member of CCA had a vision along with carving buddy Steve Prescott, to form a group of top caricature carvers whose purpose would be to promote and elevate the public’s perception of caricature carving. That was in 1989 and along with 13 other guys and gal with the same purpose, the CCA began. He served as the first CCA Vice President in 1990 & 1991 and followed in 1992 and ‘93 as President.

Dave is a full time woodcarver who teaches his brand of caricature as an exaggeration of realism. In order to exaggerate realism, you have to know what realism is, including anatomy, proportion, structure and form. His favorite subject matter is cowboys and human form with a smattering of animals, all in round sculpture form. He also carves Santas and other holiday themes. He has won dozens of carving awards around the country, including best of shows. Dave lives and works in Scottsdale, AZ with his longtime partner Michele Carville (also a woodcarver.) His work can be purchased directly by contacting Dave, or in Peter Engler Designs, Branson, MO. At Christmas time his Santas are available through FolkWorks Gallery, Evanston, IL.

Dave started carving in the fourth grade when he initialed the top of his school desk. Two weeks of sanding with ultrafine sandpaper outside the principle’s office after school soon cured him of any love he might have had for relief carving. However, in 1984 his love for carving wood resurfaced in the form of caricature. After 28 years in the printing industry and the abrupt closure of his printing plant, Dave decided to give woodcarving a try as a living, instead of just a hobby. And he’s been carving and teaching fulltime ever since.

His carvings are available for sale; he accepts commissioned work, judges shows, and teaches seminars around the country. His first book "Caricature Carving from Head to Toe" is available for sale. To purchase an autographed copy or schedule a seminar, contact Dave. Call or send mail to the following address or email him at Lcnmichele@AOL.com.


Excerpt from www.cca-carvers.org